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Bullfighting stadium


LocationLocation - Las Ventas
Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas - Madrid

The Wembley of Bullfighting. The Plaza de Toros Monumental de Las Ventas is the most important bullfighting stadium in Spain and the third largest by capacity in the world. Inaugurated 17th June 1931 it was designed by JosÚ Espeli˙ and the facade was done by Manuel Mu˝oz Monasterio, in ceramic tiles which show the shields of all the Spanish provinces and other ornamental designs. A full-house is 25.000 spectators. The fighting arena is 60 metres in diameter. The bullfighting season starts in March and ends in October. Corridas are run everyday during the Feria de San Isidro (mid-May to mid-June) and every Sunday or other public holiday during the rest of the season. The shows usually start between five or six in the evening (depending on month) and last about 3 hours.



Plaza de Toros. The bullfighting stadium in Madrid Las Ventas