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Newspapers in Madrid

Local and national press titles distributed in Madrid.

'Qué!', 'Voz del Deporte', 'Gacetas Locales', 'Gente', 'Metro' and 'aDn Madrid' are all free newspapers delivered to your apartment block or made available in certain locations around town. aDn also publishes an evening edition in Madrid (aDn2) and celebrated its first birthday in February 2007. Gente is a weekly that was launched in Madrid in December 2006 having been originally started in Burgos and now expanding its local editions around the country. It claims a distribution of 1.2 million copies. Gacetas Locales produce different editions for each major barrio or district. El Pais (centre-left by broad political orientation) and El Mundo (centre-right) are two of the biggest selling daily papers in all Spain. 'AS' is a sports paper. La Razon is a Madrid daily with a firm right-wing political focus.

2. Qué! Diario 
2. La voz del Deporte 
3. Gacetas Locales 
4. Gente en Madrid 
5. El Pais 
6. El Mundo 
7. El Economista 
8. El Distrito 
9. Metro Directo 
10. La Razon 
11. aDn Madrid 
12. AS 


1. Que newspaper 2. La Voz Del Deporte 3. Gaceta Local
4. Gente 5. El Pais 6. El Mundo
7. El Economista 8. El Distrito 9. Metro Directo
10. El Economista 11. aDn 12. AS