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Picasso self portrait


LocationLocation - Museo Nacional del Prado
Picasso Exhibition - 'Tradición y Vanguardia'

From June through to September 2006 the Prado museum hosted a Picasso retrospective (called 'Tradition and Avant-garde') encompassing many of the acknowledged great works of el maestro. Madrid-Uno went along and for his 6 euro entrance fee, which also included entrance to the main gallery, mingled along with the art lovers for a pleasant couple of hours.

Very pleased to see Three Musicians in the flesh, so to speak,, which Madrid-Uno has always admired, but was also very taken with Las Meninas (conjunto). It's the third on the right reproduced below and in real-life the light coming from the open door at the back really seems to illuminate all the details of the room - like you would imagine on a back-lit film set.


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Picasso en el Museo del Prado 


Picasso flyer for the exhibition Tres Músicos Las Meninas (conjunto)