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Food brands - Marcas de comida

Food and drink brands popular in Madrid.

La Casera is very Madrileno - it's a lemon / lime tinged carbonated drink which they sometimes add to beer to make a 'Clara' - a shandy with lime tops basically.

Orlando is a Heinz brand. Tomate Frito is a staple of the Spanish fridge. It's plum tomatoes fried gently in olive oil and seasoned and is used in a variety of dishes including stews, pasta or for sauces.

Cola Cao is a massively popular high energy chocolate drink with vitamins and minerals and is an integral part of Spanish life. Most Spaniards are able to sing the Cola Cao advertising jingle. In 2006 the tennis player Nadal was fronting the TV ad campaign of this brand.  

La Casera 
Cola Cao 


Bonka coffee La Casera Orlando Tomate frito
Sardines Cola Cao Mantequilla 'Président'