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LocationLocation - La Latina
Botellon in the streets

Lots of youngsters / students / hippies etc. gather in Plaza Puerta Moros / Plaza Humilladero for 'Botellon' on a Sunday Afternoon in the La Latina district of Madrid - but only when the sun is out! They often come here after doing a little shopping in El Rastro Sunday Market. Drums and guitars are popular and everyone sits around getting pleasantly plastered until the sun hides behind the surrounding buildings. All the local bars are full to bursting as well. These pictures were taken in April 2007. Botellon (bottling - taking your bottles of beer / spirits and drinking in parks or squares) is a practice the Madrid authorities are trying to stamp out but it's ingrained in the culture and hard to stop. While we were taking the pictures (and having a wee drink ourselves it must be added) a squad of 10 police on motorbikes tried to arrest a group who were smoking joints (porros). However, everyone in the square started to chant, protest and generally cause a mini-riot until the police backed-off.


La Latina on a Sunday afternoon in April. Goddam hippies!
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