Madrid Photo and image Gallery

These photos of Madrid are presented in no particular order and are taken with a simple pocket digital camera. Everything else is scanned from stuff Madrid-Uno picks up when walking around the city.

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Retiro Plaza Colon Food Brands Free Press Blog Models
WebsiteRetiro WebsitePlaza Colon WebsiteFood Brands WebsiteThe Press WebsiteBlog WebsitePlaza Mayor
Botellon Centro Comercial La Paz Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas Fish Cafes, Bars and Restaurants Flamenco
Botellon in La Latina on a Sunday Botellon WebsiteLa Paz WebsiteLas Ventas WebsiteFish WebsiteEat WebsiteFlamenco
Museums Outdoor Sculpture Park Plaza Mayor from the air Skyscrapers Madrid Street Life M-30 Ringroad
Museums Sculpture Historic Towers Street Life M-30 Ring
Man Matters Picasso Exhibition at The Prado museum Madrid Graffiti El Rastro Architecture Metro
Man Matters Picasso Graffiti El Rastro Architecture Metro

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