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The Performing Arts in Madrid

Teatro magazine

The capital has the best performing arts programmes and shows in the country and there are over a hundred theatres and venues, big and small, dotted around the city.

The best way to know what's going on and to search out a pleasant night's entertainment, is to get hold of a copy of Teatro Madrid magazine (a recent issue is shown right). Published monthly, you can find these in the public foyers of all the theatres - so when you're strolling about and come across one, and you will, simply pop-in and pick up a copy from a rack. It's free, it's handy size and it fits easily into a pocket.

Teatro has all the listings for every single show in town, plus interviews with the luvvies, acting news, show reviews and a neat little guide to restaurants and bars for post / pre show sustenance. All in Spanish mind so you may need a dictionary.

If going to a show, bear in mind that Madrileños tend to start their evenings a little bit later than 'normal' people, but tubes and public transport run later too.