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Discotecas muy Pijas - Clubbing with the beautiful people

Moma in pink.

A quick list on some of the 'posher' clubs in town where you can spot celebs while sipping on freakishly expensive cocktails and where appearances are paramount.

n.b. the music policy in these places is mostly incidental - you're there to see, be seen and flash your Armani or Prada. Got it?

Moma 56 (pictured right above) at C/ José Abascal 56 is one of the more famous clubs in town and stays rammed until very late as a lot of workers at other clubs that close at 4 a.m seem to descend on it after then. Good for celebrity spotting.

Boggo is more of a bar than a club, but we're mentioning it because when talking about posh places to go at night this is a must. Located on C/ Velázquez, 108, it's for the well-to-do young and yuppies (they still exist in Madrid). Also on Velazquez street is Gabana 1800, which sometimes plays host to Real Madrid footballers (but only in the VIP section). There is no dress policy here but it helps immensely if you turn up in a sufficiently sporty coupé or Range Rover with tinted windows for the valet parking.

La Boite Del Pintor is in the posh barrio of Salamanca (on C/ Goya, 79). Four bars, two dance floors, and full of Madrid 'sloane ranger' types. Open 'til 5.00 am.

The impressive interior at Reina Bruja, 600 metres squared with some serious LED technology.Reina Bruja (pictured right) and Larios Café (C/ Silva) are owned by the same company and run to the same formula - both have restaurants, are very sleekly designed and have ridiculously picky doormen. Still, if you can get past them welcome to the glamour-side of Madrid clubbing.

Shabay (C/ Miguel Angel, 3. Metro: RUBEN DARIO) Ethnic in decoration with a strange mix of rock and Afrobeat sounds. No we don't get it either. Some of the seating and lighting is well groovy, as are the washrooms! Open Tuesday through to Saturday, the one word for this place is 'Swanky'.

Other posh places to explore include: Coyote Lounge (C/ Fernandez de los Rios, 87. Metro: MONCLOA), Pacha (of Ibiza fame - Barcelo, 11. Metro: TRIBUNAL), Fortuny and Tiffanys (Avda. del Doctor Arce, 10)