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Madrid's Local Markets

A brief look at the best markets in Madrid, featuring the local, mostly covered malls open daily and focusing on food and domestic goods to the monster, mostly trade supply focused Mercamadrid in the South West of the city.

For info and pictures about the massive flea market known as El Rastro that is held very weekend in Las Austrias part of town see our gallery section.

Centro Comercial La Paz

Centro La PazA local covered market open daily except Sundays and bank holidays. Entering this wonderful little market is to dive into a veritable hive of action. A nicely laid out place with a good variety of specialist butchers, fishmongers and grocers competing for your trade, but there are also tiendas for textiles, an alternative health shop, a chemists, jewellery shop, a travel agency and a couple of bars and cafeterias as well. Quality (and prices!) are high. It's located in a posh area of town so a large percentage of its clients are well-heeled and looking for delicatessen style service. An impressive selection of goods on each stall, for example the fish counters (of which there are five) have automatic mist sprays keeping their product fresh and glistening. Or try the olive stall with what seems to be every single type of olive grown by man presented in over 100 different styles. There is also a Copraba supermarket next-door and the whole area is covered by wifi (from the Ayuntamineto de Madrid).

Mercado de la Cebada

One of the first purpose-built markets in Madrid, the original building was designed in imitation of Les Halles Market in Paris, all ironwork and glass, but was rebuilt in 1956 to accommodate modern preferences and requirements, which obviously means concrete - and lots of it - and it also shares the site with a polideportivo - or sports centre with swimming pool. There has been a market in this spot since the 15th century and several businesses within it supply the best restaurants in town.

Mercado de Chamartín

One of the biggest on this list and therefore one with the widest selection. Like La Paz (above), it's clientele is affluent but perhaps a tad more family-centred. It is very much a traditional food emporium, with two floors offering a traditional selection of the best in Spanish fresh fish quality meats, fruits and vegetables.

Mercado de Maravillas

Fruit and vegetable stall in Maravillas market, MadridYou can easily walk past the opening to this very big, luminous and modern mall-type covered market, but when you go inside and up the short escalators and venture inside it's like Doctor Who's tardis - a massive hall with a huge selection of fish and fruit and veg stalls, plus a range of other food and domestic service providers. There's even a specialist Russian grocer if you're looking for caviar.

Mercado de los Mostenses

An historic food market inaugurated way back in 1875 by King Alfonso XII in 1875. Now one of the best places to find Mexican and South American foodstuffs as well as Chinese and other Asian culinary delights.


Mercamadrid is the largest market in Europe for perishable foodstuffs. It has a total of 176 hectares at the service of the 700 companies located there.

It was purpose-built in 1982 to act as a single-site, central trade-supply / wholesale food market for Madrid and the surrounding provinces ("Capital de los Mercados"). It specialises in fish, meat fruit and vegetables, as well as diverse companies specialised in the different sectors of the food industry. It is run as a mixed shareholder company as Mercamadrid, S.A.: Madrid City Council 51.13%, National Company MERCASA 48.63%, Others (Professional Associations and Users) 0.24%.

Mercamadrid is visited by an average of 15,000 vehicles every day, and 18,000 buyers from a catchment area within a radius of over 350 Km. and now supplies local, national and international markets for some 9 million people.

Breakdown of Surface Area: Mercamadrid

  • Fish Market - 42.600 mē

  • Fruit and Vegetable Market - 124.400 mē

  • Meat Market - 32.600 mē

  • Commercial and Administrative Services Area - 31.450 mē

  • Services and Warehousing - 421.200 mē

  • Parking areas and roadways - 471.968 mē

  • Landscaped areas - 263.450 mē

  • Internal Uses - 34.950 mē

  • C.T.M. (Madrid Transport Centre) - 338.950 mē