Transport From Barajas Airport

  • By Metro: The airport is on the pink line (No.8) and takes you straight into the centre of the city. It's a half hour journey to Sol for example, incorporating one line change. 2 Euro single trip (as of Jan 2011)
  • By Bus: Route 200 originates at Terminal 2, passes Terminal 1 and goes to Avenida de America intercambio every 10 minutes. Starts at 0600 until 1130hrs the journey takes about 20 minutes. 1 Euro single trip.
  • By Taxi: You're looking at paying approx 28/38 Euros to get to the city centre. The taxi rank is right outside both terminals' arrivals area.
  • Barajas Airport information - tel: 91 393 60 00 or
    For Flight information - tel: 902 35 35 70

    Useful Telephone Numbers

  • Emergencies: 112.
  • SAMUR (Municipal Ambulances: 092
  • Bomberos (Fire Brigade): 080
  • Local Police: 092
  • British Embassy: 91 700 82 00
  • Objetos Perdidos (Lost Items): 91 588 43 48
  • Web Links Directory for Madrid

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    If you know of any more we would be glad to know about them!

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    How to use public telephones

    Typical telephone booth in Madrid. The majority of phone booths installed in Madrid accept all denominations of euro coins except 1 and 2 cent coins.

    The modern telephone booths accept telephone cards as well. The cards can be purchased in Tabacalera shops and kiosks and in post offices for 6 or 12 euros.

    Telefonica, the Spanish Telephone Co., has a number of customer centres in Madrid where you can be attended to by an operator and you may pay by credit card.

    When calling abroad dial the prefix 00, the code of the country you are calling, the code of the city or zone and your party's number. The code for the UK is 44.