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Log #212. Real Madrid - Richest Football Club In The World

The annual Deloitte Football Money League figures were released today - and Real Madrid came top for the third year running.

Deloitte base their figures on three revenue streams: matchday income, commercial income and broadcasting. Real Madrid totalled 236 million for financial year 2006/07 (up 20% from 197m in the year previous) which was split 39% commercial (91.8m), 38% broadcasting (89.1m) and 23% matchday (55.3m). Real's figure included part of their 740 million deal TV contract with Mediapro spread over 7 years.

Barcelona CF came in third (posting 195.3m) after Manchester United FC of England (212.1m) and Valencia came in 19th (72.4m).

Cross-town rivals Atletico de Madrid didn't make the top twenty and were also at the wrong end of a tough match against Bolton Wanderers in their first leg UEFA cup match - losing 1-0 and seeing their wunderkind substitute Sergio Aguero get sent off for spitting on 74 minutes.

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