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Log #165. Campeones

Spain won the Football EuroCup 2008 last night and Madrid welcomed their heroes home this evening, lining the streets all the way from Barajas airport to Plaza Colon, where the crowd went completely loco as skipper Castillas presented the trophy. Substitute goalie Pepe Reina proved to be the joker of the squad, leading the assembled throng in a series of songs and chants and winding the spectators up into even more delirium.

Last night the streets of central Madrid were a sea of red and yellow, cars honking their horns, people banging drums and dancing in all available fountains. Joy unconfined. Much beer consumed.

Congratulations Spain. A well deserved championship since they were clearly the class act of the whole tourney.

Log #164. Sand Sculpture in Retiro

Sand sculpture artist at work

A sand sculpture artist prepares his work for an upcoming exhibition and competition in Retiro Park, Madrid.

Log #163. Current Movistar TV Advertisement

This TV ad, which is running nationally - not just in Madrid - has become cult in the 'so bad it's brilliant' way. It was used last summer as well but Movistar have re-issued it in line with an identical promotion for summer 2008.

El anuncio del verano con subtitulos para que nadie se pierda nada de la letra y pueda hacer KARAOKE a toda horas

Trans. The advert of the summer with subtitles, so that no-one should miss the words and be able to use them when doing Karaoke at all hours.

It's based on an original funky toooon by Pino D’Angio, called: "Ma Quale Idea"

Log #162. Panic In The Streets

The locals are going bonkers.

News from the carreteras about the lorry drivers strike, combined with a collapse in the property market and freakish weather (storms and regular downpours in June) that has affected agriculture resulting in poor crop forecasts, has led to panic buying of food and petrol (gas).

Yesterday we had some scenes of car drivers queuing round the block to fill up their tanks and frenetic action in some of the larger supermarkets, as old ladies with long memories stocked up in preparation for anarchy / civil war / revolution / not having enough jamon for the weekend.

Even the bulls at the San Isidro bullfighting festival haven't been performing well.

Log #161. El Junco

So, it's a Tuesday, it's midnight, but you want to carry on drinking and listen to some good music. What are your options? Well, in Madrid, there are lots. This city specialises in late night music bars, late night fun and late night assignations. It's a late night / early morning kinda place.

One well known spot for mid-week partying is El Junco, a jazz / soul club and long-standing refuge for the the night birds of Malasaña. It's open every night from 11.00pm to 6.00am and will usually have a live band on until about 3.00am (modern jazz or blues plus pick-up sessions) followed by the resident DJs (mixing jazz with classic soul). At weekends it's usually DJ only and tends toward the more soul music side of things (think James Brown / Rose Royce / Northern soul classics).

Located on the corner of Plaza Santa Bárbara (Metro: Alonso Martínez) its position makes it ideal for those wandering back from the town centre or those heading into it, and so on Friday and Saturday nights it's usually rammed - with a long queue to get in if you arrive any later than midnight. But for, say, a Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday it's usually OK.

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