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Log #155. Canadian Embassy Protest

Evil Seal Killing Assassins... at least that was the view of about 30 people protesting outside the Canadian Embassy on calle Goya in central Madrid today.

This was a real pain for your correspondent because he lives only a street away. With their screaming through loudspeakers and the windows open to let in fresh air, it got really boring for a while. "ASESINOS" cried the leader, "ASESINOS" screamed his gang of loser hippies in reply. "VERGANZA" ('shame') squawked deputy leader. "VERGANZA" they shouted back. And so on. And on and on.

Fortunately, it started to rain at about 3.00pm, heavily so, and everything went quiet. Nice. But an hour later they were back at it again. They all had banners and flags with scrawled messages like "Canada kills" on them, cute pictures of baby seals, or the maple leaf flag with an image of blood running from it. One guy had stripped down to his underwear and was rolling around on a white sheet splattered with red paint as his cohorts pretended to club him. It was a bit parky out, what with the clouds and rain and all, but he seemed to be enjoying himself. They eventually packed up about 1800hrs, wet but happy. Hope someone kept club man's clothes dry for him otherwise he had a long, cold journey home.

Log #154. Aguirre Gets A Grilling

Long suffering Atletico de Madrid got stuffed 3-0 away from home on Saturday night. Unfortunately for its Mexican coach, Javier Aguirre, he was booked to appear on TeleMadrid for a full hour's grilling on the following afternoon's sports show. Cunningly, the producers decided to show all three goals from the previous night's match - in slow-motion replay. They then repeated the process and asked Aguirre to comment on each one, describing, if he could, the fallibilities of his defensive line-up. He coped well, in the sense that he didn't shirk blame and explained how he saw things with frankness. But he was sweating a bit under the gills by the end of it. To show they're not completely evil though, the presenters then lulled him a little by congratulating him on Atleti's current fourth position in the league, which would mean European football next season.

Log #153. Thermometer Building

Gas Natural Building.


This building is the corporate headquarters for the national utility company Gas Natural. It's in North-Central Madrid towards Arturo Soria.


As you can (hopefully) see, it has a helpful thermometer built onto its facade - just so you know when you're hot and when you're not.


At night it's illuminated. Very handy, as personally, I often wonder what the temperature is when the clock strikes midnight.



Log #152. Spanish General Election

OK, so with 99.9% of the votes verified the PSOE (socialist party) has officially won the election, but not with an outright majority so shall rule with a junior partner.

National Congress:
PSOE 169 deputees - 11.064 million votes - 43.64%
PP 153 - 10.170 - 40.11
CiU 11 - 0.774 - 3.05
EAJ-PNV 6 - 0.303 - 1.20
Esquerra 3 - 0.296 - 1.17
IU 2 - 0.963 - 3.80
BNG 2 - 0.209 - 0.82
CC-PNC 2 - 0.164 - 0.65
UPyD 1 - 0.303 - 1.20
NA-BAI 1 - 0.062 - 0.24

In Madrid the conservative PP (Partido Popular) won, taking 49% of the total vote against the socialists 39% - which translated into a 3 seat advantage in the governing chamber.

The deluded eco fascists, sorry, Greens, got 10,000 votes, although it could have been 5,000 higher but there has been a split in the party - The People's Front of Judea vs The Popular Front type of thing.

Party - Votes - % - Deputees
PARTIDO POPULAR - 1,723,370 - 49.34 - 18
P.S.O.E. 1,377,996 - 39.45 - 15
IU-CM. - 163,633 - 4.69 - 1
UPyD - 131,242 - 3.76 - 1

Log #151. Dress Malfunction

Dress Malfunction

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