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Log #130. Madrid 2016 Vota Tu Logo

Winning logo for Madrid 2016. Update to Log 125 when we discussed the logo competition for Madrid's bid to host the 2016 Olympics.

Pictured here is the winning entry and a little birdy told Madrid-Uno that it won by a country-mile. Or campo-kilometre. Anyway, by a lot. So, the city has its logo, now maybe they can get on with the important part of winning a nomination - bribing IOC officials from poor African countries for their votes.

Log #129. Radio Stations

Here in Madrid we have access to an excellent radio station called Maxima FM (104.3FM). It's owned by one of the big corporate media companies but don't let that put you off. It's a dance music specialist channel and weekends are dominated by Ibiza stylee house, which is right up my tunnel - so to speak. Maybe I should re-phrase that. Day-time programming is the usual bollox - top 40 euro house and rap. But come Friday evening it's top notch DJs and uninterrupted DJ sets showcasing the latest toooooons. Regulars include Wally Lopez, Roger Sanchez and Carl Cox (who seems to be getting a little less noisy these days - thank God - and playing more minimal and housey stuff.) Recommended.

Another good place on the FM dial is Circulo de bellas artes (100.4FM). As usual with 'community' programming there's an awful lot of liberal arty claptrap in the chat sections but the music selection is highly eclectic and if you are prepared to wade through the indie guitars you can hear some absolute gems. Very strong for jazz and latino-influenced underground pop, some nice electro showcases and DJs are not constricted by the payola major labels - so you'll never have to listen to Robbie or Girls Aloud. Lots of old stuff, open 24 hours a day and all in sharp digital stereo. Yummm. If you want chat, sports and entertainment news try SER (105.4FM). Another corporate radio station but the best of its kind broadcasting in the Madrid metropolitan area. The Spanish equivalent of BBC Radio 1 is RNE3 (or 'Radio Tres') and will have the latest pop through underground through all types of new music. And it has national reach so serves the largest listening market on the peninsula. For more about radio and the other media in Madrid click here.

Log #128. Madrid Caja To Sell 10% Stake in Endesa SA

Reports coming out today say that Madrid Caja savings bank has decided to sell its 10% stake in Endesa, Spain's main electricity company with significant investments in the Southern European and Latin America electricity markets, renewable energies and the distribution and supply of natural gas. Estimates are that the savings bank would receive 4.2 billion euroweenies if sold at the 40.16 euroweenies per share in the joint offer from Acciona SA and Enel SpA. This news immediately triggered off supposition that ailing Northern Rock would become an acquisition target, since Caja Madrid has previously talked about international expansion and does lots of mortgage business, similar to the UK bank.

Log #127. Fast Tagging A Train in the Metro

OK, so this is old (2006) but thought I should pop this up on the blog as it shows a particularly fast grafitti artist at work in the Madrid Metro.

glumbert - The fast way to tag a train

Log #126. Argentina

¡Vamos a ganar! ¡Vamos a ganar! ¡Nuestro equipo va a ganar! An Englishman, living in Madrid, spending an evening in an Irish pub, surrounded by boisterous Argentinians and slightly stunned Frenchmen, watching rugby. What a truly global culture we live in these days. The opening game of the Rugby World Cup tournament being held (mostly) in France was being screened all over town but Madrid-Uno had seemingly selected the bar where the Argentina Rugby Fan Club of Spain had chosen as well. There were thousands of them. Well, about fourty in total I guess, but what sing-song and boozy time they had of it.

France versus Argentina on a Friday night in a steamy Madrid was a perfect night's entertainment for a neutral. Madrid-Uno stood at the back of the scrum in front of the projector screen showing the game and used a stool to stand up on for crucial moments. He also had a nice channel to the packed bar, so was chuffed with himself to have been so strategically astute and rewarded himself with a whiskey coke to start. The Fwenchy part of the crowd were quietly confident and having a good bavarde amongst themselves, excited about what their team might show. The Argys meanwhile were more-on-edge but noticeably loud. They seemed confident too. What did they know? By half-time it was beginning to come clear.

This was one good Argentina team. They have this chap at fly-half called Juan-Martin Hernandez and he's a gem of a player. He has flair, unpredictability and a dazzling array of skills. He is a world-class footballer. On either side of him there is wily, experienced Felipe Contepomi and impish scrum-half Agustin Pichot. In front of him a brawny pack of forwards who know what they're about. It surprised me and it definitely surprised the Fwenchys who went down 12-17 in a real nail-biter. The correct expression is, I believe, that the tension was palpable. Throughout the whole second-half, as it began to dawn on the hosts that the Argies were not going to give way, and the French attacks got more and more frenzied, the pub started to fill with the sounds of Argy songs and chants. There was clapping and cheering and drinks getting spilt. I moved my stool back a couple fo feet to avoid getting soaked. Final whistle and pandemonium breaks out on one side of the screen. An incredible, incredible game. Terrific rugby. Great atmosphere. Well done Pumas. Good singing Puma fans. Now, if I can just get out through all this commotion I might make it in time for salsa class. Maybe I should ask about tango classes as well. Some of those female Puma fans were very nice indeed...

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