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Log #125. Madrid 2016 Vota Tu Logo

Madrid 2016 - vote for your favorite logo. Posters, billboards, local newspapers and magazines have started to appear around the city exhorting us to 'vote for your favourite Madrid 2016 logo'. Madrid 2016 is the city's latest bid to host the Olympic Games, having been cruelly denied in the very final round of voting last time out by an undeserving London - Madrid-Uno says undeserving because being an ex-Londoner himself he can vouch for the total lack of interest in the UK capital for it.

Madrid, on the other hand, wants it very much. Both the city council and the regional government are on a mission to place the city up with the 'big guns' of world cities and hosting an Olympics would be the perfect shop window to advertise it as such. And it still rankles, although you won't get them to admit it, that Barcelona has hosted the Games - and did so very well.

Eight different logos have been produced and they're trying to get the populace involved with this city beauty contest by having a logo beauty contest. You can decide for yourself which is the best, see below, but Madrid-Uno is of the opinion that logos, and this type of branding in general, is a complete waste of time, effort and money. However, having lost out last time Madrid is making a supreme effort this time round and making sure that all the bases are covered. Whether the corrupt grandees of the Olympic movement will be impressed is another matter and one wonders if they will let another European city host following London. 2020 would probably have been a better date.

Madrid 2016 logos.

Log #124. More Tourists Visiting Madrid

¡Hola! ¿Qué Tal? News from the tourism department of the INE (Instituto Nacional de Estadística) says that this July saw some 766,000 visitors to the communidad representing an increase of 10% on the previous year. Of that figure 336,000 were guiris (foreigners) who spent an estimated 2.062 million euroweenies, the largest amount for a single recorded month on record. Certainly, Madrid-Uno's sister thinks that the shopping here is better than in any other European capital, and according to Madrid-Uno's brother-in-law, she would know.

Log #123. San Expedido

Saint Expedito - he's a top chap don't you know. A charming little girl ran up to Madrid-Uno on the street today and handed him a flyer. After I said gracias she smiled and ran back up the street to the gates of the church just passed. Investigating the flyer we find she has offered Madrid-Uno a Saint - San Expedito - who will protect him. How nice. On the back there are details about San Expedito and the words to an oration, should I wish to call on him. Apparently, when things get difficult Saint E will 'expedite' things for you in a timely manner, although you should only ask on the 19th of the month, as that's his day you see. Madrid-Uno felt happy all day.

Log #122. La Paloma and other festivals

The first two weekends of August see the hosting of Las fiestas más castizas - San Cayetano, San Lorenzo and La Paloma - three local fiestas de barrio that start in Cascorro, then head on to Lavapiés and then finish up in La Latina. Celebrations actually start at the end of July with free open-air evening concerts, then continue on until the Fiesta de San Cayetano. Then the San Lorenzo Fiesta starts followed by the Fiestas de La Poloma - by which time everyone has 30 percent proof bloodstreams and bags under their eyes.

Unfortunately, this year most of the centre of Lavapiés is 'under-construction', so this year the schedule has been scaled down somewhat, but it's still sure to be a cracking good time. Importantly, the organisers have fixed beer prices so revellers do not get exploited. Now that's what we called 'joined-up government.

Log #121. Spanish Lessons

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