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Log #115. Camera Cafe

One of the best shows currently on Spanish TV is Caméra Café (Telecinco, Thursday nights), a wickedly funny view on office life made up of a series of short clips all filmed from the perspective of the office automatic coffee machine. Sounds weird? It is, but the fixed perspective that this set-up generates enables the characters to really come to life. The YouTube clip attached:
- shows a typical episode, of which there will be 4 or 5 per show. For all of us who have worked in an office the character types are familiar enough, but the actors really play them well and the show is a scream. Really excellent humour, sharply observed and rapidly fired-off.

Apparently, it was originally a French show (Camera Cafe being a play on 'Camera Cachée' - or hidden camera) created by Bruno Solo, Yvan Le Bolloc'h and Alain Kappauf broadcast on the M6 channel. Can't speak for the Froggy version but the Spanish version is tops. Check it out.

Log #114. Madrid 10th Best City In The World To Live In?

According to Monocle Magazine, Madrid is the tenth best city in the world for quality of life. Munich came first, followed by Copenhagen, Zurich, Vienna, Helsinki and Stockholm (in order). Most importantly of all, however, was the news that we beat Barcelona, which came in 30th. Yes! The survey noted that Madrid was internationally competitive in the cultural fields of dance, theatre and music events and it also made special mention of the good (and cheap) public transport and restaurants and the fact that the city is truly open 24 hours - which is so true.

Log #113. Harry Potter Y La Orden Del Fénix

Arry Poder, as the Spaniards call JK Rowling's young magician, with latest squeeze, Cho Chang. Madrid hosted the Spanish gala premier screening of the new Harry Potter movie last night. Celebs were brought in by Britisher Taxi (i.e. London Black Cabs), and the papers used up much newsprint discussing Harry's kiss with Cho Chang. Spaniards are a tactile race in general and public smooching is common but also of great public interest. Snogging is an important subject over here. The 'Arry Poder' (as the locals pronounce it) series is very popular in the peninsula and particularly so in Madrid, which is quite posh and therefore many people attend/ed private schools which have similar uniforms and similarly weird and ancient traditions and customs. Plus, the country is quite au fait with wizards and witches, having plenty of them in its folklore. The film opens nationwide today and the huge multiplex called Kinepolis, in the south of the city with 30+ screens, has devoted 25 of them to this film alone.

Log #112. Rafa Gets Torres

This blog is in danger of turning into a football transfer diary. Homegrown local hero Fernando Torres, the Spain and Atletico de Madrid striker, agreed terms today with Liverpool and will start next season playing in red for fellow Madrileño Rafa Benitez, Liverpool's coach. The reported fee is 36 million euroweenies (that's approx £24 million in proper money). Whilst the money is very useful for Atleti, they are up to their eyeballs in debt, it's bad news for their clearly stated European ambitions since he was both club captain and easily their most prolific striker. Expect the club to buy a fistful of cheap South Americans in an attempt to plug the gap.

Log #111. Capello Out - Pandas In

¡Hola! ¿Qué Tal? Fabio Capello has gone! Despite winning La Liga and bringing the first trophy to the Bernabeu for 4 years, the head honchos at Real Madrid have shown their Italian football coach the door. No announcement has been made regarding his replacement but everyone knows it will be Bernd Schuster, the ex-Real player and current head coach of Getafe CF. Meanwhile, the King and Queen's current trip to China has resulted in the gift of two pandas to Madrid Zoo. They will be a boy and a girl so everyone is hoping that they end up a breeding pair. Their current chinese names are unpronounceable so there is a competition to provide them some Hispanic monikers. We'll report on the outcome of that as and when it's decided.

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