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Log #70. New Year's Eve

¡Hola! ¿Qué Tal? Sabrina is dressed as Carmen Jones and is already staggering from the results of several 20 year old brandy cups, Z-Man is on the cellular doing his usual negocios sucios, Jasmina is worrying about her cats 'cos of all the fireworks going off and Madrid-Uno is desperately trying to remember if he's got everything. Keys - check. Money - check. Invitations - check. Elvis sun glasses - check. Condoms - check (well, you never know). First stop is Laboratorio in the Malasaña district to meet up with Jasmina's sisters. Lab is a trendy bar / club and a fave haunt of Madrid's resident T V crowd. On a normal week-night the music is usually 1980s electronic bop from the times of the Movida but tonight we have DJ Suki, all the way from the UK, givin' it some late 90's funky house. She's a spritely lass and seems to have brought over some friends from England so Madrid-Uno gets to speak in his own language for a while - which is nice... Someone mentions porros and all of a sudden all Madrid-Uno's friends have deserted him. Time to dance then. About an hour later the mobi's buzzing - it's Jasmina. Everyone's at her place getting stoned, where am I? Where am I? I'm in the fucking club you wankers! Dancing on my own surrounded by transvestites, pissed up Brits and lary Spanish blokes in leather jackets.

Back at Jasmina's the air is thick with smoke and the stereo is blasting Fito and the Fitipaldis - yep, they're stoned alright. Clearly, nobody's going anywhere - they've all melded into the couches and can barely lift themselves to get to the toilets let alone go out clubbing. Madrid-Uno was better off with the leather men. Eventually, Sabrina offers to come out with him and we head off into the night. Lots of people out still (it's now 5.00 am or so) but it's really very cold and we duck into various bars on the way back to Salamanca barrio and after a couple of hours we decide to call it a night. OK, so not the most exciting of evenings, but DJ Suki was good and there's Sabrina to cuddle up to under the duvet. Goodbye 2006 and welcome 2007. That's 6 months then in El Foro (slang for Madrid - kinda like 'The Smoke' for London) and it's been a lot of fun. So "Put your hands up for Madrid - I love this city".

Log #69. Dinner Conversation

¡Hola! ¿Qué Tal? A lovely meal at El Olivar de Ayala on c/ Ayala with Sabrina, Carmen I, Carmen II and Greta. Madrid-Uno is in heaven; surrounded as he is by four chicas wapas his ego is close to exploding. 4 sexy babes for one bloke? Now THIS is a ratio. Difficult as it is to concentrate on the food a special mention must go to the bacalao ahumado con salmorejo, a raw cod fish dish (sushi style) in a yummy sauce that's a real taste sensation. Initial conversation surrounds the ETA bombing of Barajas international airport that morning. The explosion took place in the terminal's car parking area, destroying three of four stories, injuring 26 other people (mainly damage to the ears because of the shockwave) and killing two Ecuadorians. All the girls are Madrileña and all are very sad about the events, with Carmen I particularly vocal about what she would like to do to the bombers if she ever got her hands on them. And Madrid-Uno believes her too. Eventually the chat is steered round to more happy subjects, such as what everyone is doing for New Year's and shopping, and a bottle of wine and several lagers help to ease the angst. But really, what a bunch of wankers ETA truly are. Two innocent chaps from Ecuador dead a day before the New Year is to start, one car-park blown up and the utter contempt of every Madrileño aroused. Strategic brilliance or what?

Log #68. Feliz Navidad!

Merry Christmas to all Madrid-Uno's devoted readers. To Sabrina: get well soon, I need your editing of my atrocious Spanish spelling and miss our regular 'aperitivos pacharán'. To Zipper: thanx for all your help these last few months dude. Let's organise that party for 2007 yeah? To Misterio: you smoothy you, please give me your secrets for chatting up beautiful chicas. To Flash: YOU DIRTY BASTARD!!! Leave my women alone! To Jasmina: U R A *. To Surf Chick: can't wait for our trip to Santander, I'm already stocking up on sun-cream in preparation. To Charlie: there's no way Atleti will beat Real this season. We have you in our pockets. To Kicker: more of the same please. To Nico: good luck with the new job. To Aphrodite: can I meet your sister please? lolololol. To Sonia, Ruben, Antonio and Oskar: I'll beat you all next time we play, just watch. To Duncan and his Julie: looking forward to your visit. AND TO EVERYONE ELSE - BUON ANO 2007!!!

Santa Claus.

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz - Papa Noel wishes you all sweet dreams.

Log #67. Last Minute X-mas Shopping

¡Hola! ¿Qué Tal? Toys and teddy bears. In need of presents for los primos, Madrid-Uno wanders up to the massive El Corte Inglés shopping mall on the Paseo de la Castellana at Nuevos Ministerios, where there's also a whole load of street stalls and a number of boutiques in the streets around. Should be able to find something here, but where to start? The shop is massive with like seven floors and a hundred and five different departments.

After studying the floor plan a quick itinerary is worked out and we work our way from the top down. But before we find the lifts (ascensor) Madrid-Uno is side-tracked in the childrens toys area. It's not exactly Hamleys but it's quite large and has an excellent selection - Madrid-Uno should have come here earlier. Special respect goes out to the cuddly toys department (pictured) which every young child should be brought to.

Log #66. Sala La Riviera

¡Hola! ¿Qué Tal? One of Madrid-Uno's favourite DJs was headlining down at La Riviera tonight - Wally Lopez. Located down at the Paseo Bajo de la Virgen del Puerto this is one of the best concert venues in Madrid, with a most excellent soundsystem, although on the approach it can seem a little unprepossessing since the never-ending building works on the ring-road by the river Manzanares mean the surroundings are one big mess of dust and concrete. Flyer for L'Inferno Productions night featuring Wally Lopez. 20 Euroweenies entrance fee and once inside you are presented with a large oval shaped hall, with a bar in the middle set-up with palm trees and tropical plants. There are more bars around the side which are set into the tiered ledges (+ more tropical scenery - you feel like you should be wearing a flowery shirt and sandals) and Madrid-Uno takes a cerveza from one of these and takes a perch looking down on the main stage.

The warm up DJs are playing, Luque and Vitti, but they're not paying attention. Madrid-Uno hates it when a DJ turns his back on the audience and chats to his mates instead. With mp3's and CD mixing software the art of mixology is much simplified and anyone can drop a couple of tunes together, but there's still scope for playing around with the levels etc. and interaction with the crowd. These guys are taking the piss. Not good. Madrid-Uno takes the time to explore the place further and finds a smaller room playing more hard-housey stuff tucked into a corner by the stage. There's also more, err, naughty stuff going on in here and the strobes and UV pick out various sniffing and popping action. Let's leave 'em to it shall we? Mind you, the action back on the main stage isn't getting any better. The music is great, how Madrid-Uno loves 4 to the floor house, but we now have podium dancers, they're called the Demoniaques apparently, and they're thoroughly disinterested too. Why do clubs and promoters insist on employing pro-dancers? Don't they understand that the punters just think they're a bunch of annoying poseurs?

Eventually, by about 3.00 am, the main man appears. And proceeds to screw up the 1st mix when the sound levels drop very low. Wolf whistles ensue and he's quick to fix it but it's kind of symptomatic of the whole night. Even the reserved area on the main dance floor, where the VIPS get to sit, is rather pathetic - being just a cordoned off area where those who have the right tickets get to be stared at by the rest of us, and they still have to get their drinks from the public bars. LOL. Madrid-Uno gives up by about 4.30 am and is pleasantly surprised to find a hot food fry up stall operating just outside the venue. It's a bitterly cold night, the breath almost freezing when you exhale, but a generously filled bacon sarny for only 2 Euroweenies warms the insides and probably rates the best part of the evening.

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