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Log #60. Museo de Escultura al Aire Libre

Museo de Escultura al Aire Libre A Friday bank holiday, another one, if there's a country that has more bank holidays than this one Madrid-Uno hasn't heard of it yet. Since there was also a bank holiday on Wednesday many people have 'taken the bridge' - hacer le puente - and headed off out of the city whilst outsiders have come in for Christmas shopping, catch a show, go out for a slap-up meal etc. Walking over to Chamberi at midday to catch up with Sylvia, light of my life, fire of my loins, three trips of the tongue from top to tail, Syl-Vi-A, the streets were bare of pedestrians and cars. It was a clear sky but blustery winds whipping up grit from the roads and trash from the gutter impeded progress. On the way dropped through the Museo de Escultura al Aire Libre de la Castellana and popped some piccies for the gallery section. It's basically just an open air sculpture park, but placed in an innovative site underneath a road flyover.

This picture gives you an idea of the sort of stuff you'll see here. No generals, cannons, kings or human representation. Lots of blobs on sticks. There's a nice square metal grid type thing that gives odd effects when you look through the slats. More pictures click here.

Log #59. Madrid at Night

Torre.Walking back from Nuevos Ministerios after a 'pleasant' number of beers, hic, Madrid-Uno came across this ethereal vision. Then again, maybe it could only be considered ethereal after a 'pleasant' number of beers. Burp.

Log #58. El Macho Español

Spanish stand-up comedian Agustin Jiminez describes the typical Spanish macho man. You'll need to speak Spanish to get the jokes...

Log #57. Blogging Madrid

Madrid blog. In truth, it's not all Madrid-Uno's fault. I mean, if Spanish people want to practice their English it's only polite to accommodate them. And you'd be surprised by how much baby Spanish and a big smile gets you through most situations in Madrid. Nonetheless, grammar and vocab must be improved and Madrid-Uno will hope to report good progress in later posts.

Log #56. Window Dressing

Musgo shop in Madrid. Christmas is coming and the local shops are getting their X-mas displays ready on Goya, Serrano, Velazquez et al. Pictured left is a 'Musgo' shop with the pro-window dressers in for the evening creating a choo-choo train with snowy background scene. Elves and presents with shiny bows were added later Madrid-Uno can exclusively report. Musgo is a chain of boutiques that specialise in young children's and baby clothes. It's Prada for the under-fives. There is a restaurant opposite one Musgo shop in Recoletos barrio that is great for having a 'Menu del Dia' lunch and watching all the yummy-mummys go in and out. Trains of thoughts include: If they spend that much on baby clothes what must their lingerie be like? Who's paying for all this? and, Do you think they would be in the market for an English 'personal trainer'? My hours are 10.00-12.00am when the husband is at work.

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